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1&1 O-RAN

Header image "1&1 O-RAN: The modern target architecture"

Interoperability, central intelligence and large number of data centers promise more modern network for Germany.

Header image "1&1 accelerates acquisition of antenna sites"

New rollout plan for 2023: 1,207 antenna sites expected to be made available by the end of the year.

Header image "1&1 is building Europe's most advanced 5G network"

Deutsche Telekom’s attempt to prohibit the marketing of the first 5G product on the 1&1 network proves unsuccessful.

Header image "National roaming: A necessity for market entry"

1&1 also follows the international practice of using national roaming to ensure nationwide network coverage during market entry.

Header image "1&1 files antitrust complaint"

“1&1 is doing everything in its power to build its new 5G network as quickly as possible,” wrote in response to hearing about the complaint.

Header image "Beamforming"

With beamforming, 1&1 O-RAN is able to ensure optimal network coverage for its gigabit wireless services.

Header image "Massive MiMo"

By utilizing massive MIMO technology, 1&1 O-RAN can achieve significantly higher data transmission capacities compared to previous methods.

Header image "The origins of 1&1 O-RAN"

From distributed RANs and centralized RANs to virtual RANs and modern Open RAN technology, radio access networks have always been evolving.

Header image "1&1: The successful launch of the first Open RAN"

"With its own mobile network, 1&1 wants to close in on the established Telcos."

Headerimage "1&1 launches first Open RAN product in Germany"

In December 2022, the first 1&1 O-RAN product was launched. The service is made available through wireless techonology.

Together with expansion partner eubanet, 1&1 is efficiently rolling out its network.

Header "1&1 Orange partnership"

Travel the world with constant coverage! 1&1 and Orange have entered into a partnership to provide international roaming for 1&1 customers.

Header "Rakuten Optimism 2022"

In a virtual fireside chat, 1&1 and Rakuten shared information about the current state of Open RAN and discussed issues relating to security and sustainability.

[Translate to English:] Headerbild: 1&1 x Rakuten

As part of the technology partnership with Japanese Open-RAN pioneer Rakuten, 1&1 gets to tap into wide-ranging practical experience.

Header "1&1 Friendly User Test"

In July, the first live test on the 1&1 mobile network was executed. The 1&1 O-RAN delivers incredible performance figures in almost real time.

Header image “Partnership with ATC for network expansion”

1&1 now has a third major partner on board for the 1&1 O-RAN rollout.

Header image “Partnership with GfTD for 1&1 O-RAN”

With GfTD, 1&1 now has a third major partner for network expansion.

Header image "1&1’s Media Broadcast Partner"

1&1 relies on the expertise of Media Broadcast for the maintenance and servicing of its mobile network.

Headerimage "Partnerships with Vantage Towers and 1&1 Versatel"

In December 2021, 1&1 successfully announced two important partnerships for the expansion of 1&1 O-RAN: Vantage Towers and sister company 1&1 Versatel.

[Translate to English:] Headerbild "National-Roaming-Vereinbarung"

Even during the set-up phase of the 1&1 O-RAN, 1&1 offers customers nationwide reception through national roaming.

Header "Additional frequencies for O-RAN"

After successfully participating in the 5G auction, 1&1 rented additional frequencies in the 2 Gigahertz range from Telefónica.

Header "Success at the 5G frequency auction"

1&1 buys frequencies in the 3.6 and 2.1 GHz range and thus lays the foundation for Germany's most modern 5G network.