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The Company

With more than 30 years of experience and over 15 million customers 1&1 is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Germany.

Therefore, 1&1 has the best prerequisites for setting up and operating Europe's most advanced mobile communications network based on innovative Open RAN technology.

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Innovative products and excellent service

In addition to innovative mobile network and broadband products, 1&1 offers valuable additional services, such as smart home solutions, IPTV, video-on-demand and online storage.

1&1 stands for a high-level of customer centricity and exceptional service.

Leader in fixed broadband services

1&1 offers high-performance broadband services to more than four million customers, across Germany, in particular VDSL/vectoring and fiber-optic connections. 1&1's nationwide fixed broadband products are renowned for their quality and have been chosen for numerous network awards.

Large mobile network customer base

More than 11 million customers already rely on the mobile network services from 1&1. With such a large customer base, 1&1 is able to utilize the full capacity of 1&1 O-RAN right from the start.

Access to one of the largest fiber-optic networks in Germany

1&1 Versatel has an approximately 52,000-kilometer-long fiber-optic network, which is being used for the rollout of 1&1 O-RAN network. With this partnership, 1&1 O-RAN will be able to connect gigabit antennas and more than 500 edge data centers to one of the longest and steadily growing fiber-optic networks in Germany.

Many years of expertise

The United Internet AG group has extensive expertise in operating telecommunications networks and data centers, as well as in application development.

The United Internet AG group includes 1&1 and 1&1 Versatel as well as the well-known cloud companies IONOS, STRATO and the e-mail providers WEB.DE, GMX and

Strong brand and selling power

1&1's strengths include widespread brand recognition and a high level of customer satisfaction. From services through to logistics and all the way to acquiring new customers, all our channels are well-established and demonstrate great selling power.


Committed employees shape the future

1&1 AG employs over 3,000 people who work day in, day out in a variety of areas to deliver an excellent service and innovative product offering. The company puts employees at the center of business activities and offers an outstanding working environment. This is why the “Top Employers Institute” named the parent company United Internet 2022 as a top employer in Germany.


The 1&1 history


1&1 O-RAN’s premier service launches according to plan on December 28, 2022. It's the first time in the world that a purely cloud-based Open RAN had gone live with both 4G and 5G wireless technology. 



1&1 concludes a national roaming agreement with Telefónica Deutschland, enabling it to offer its customers nationwide wireless connections even during the roll-out phase of the 1&1 O-RAN.


1&1 becomes the main and shirt sponsor of Bundesliga soccer team Borussia Dortmund.

The 1&1 Service Card is launched as an extension of the 1&1 Principle and now also offers a priority hotline. This year, 1&1 also wins connect Festnetztest.


1&1 successfully participates in the 5G frequency auction, laying the foundation for the construction of a high-performance mobile network. The aim is to build Europe's most advanced 5G network - fully virtualized and based on the innovative Open RAN technology.


1&1 continues to expand its partnerships with municipal network operators and launches the marketing of fiber-optic home connections.

1&1 is expanding its service offering with the 1&1 Exchange Service: In the event of damage, customers receive a new smartphone within just 24 hours. In addition to the usual device warranty, this also applies to self-inflicted damage such as display breakage or water damage. This is unique in the industry!


1&1 Telecommunication SE and Drillisch AG jointly form a strong fourth force in the German telecommunications market - today's 1&1 AG - which now includes the discount brands of Drillisch Online in addition to 1&1.

1&1 again wins the prestigious connect Festnetztest.


1&1 Internet SE splits into two business units: 1&1 Telecommunication SE, which continues to operate the Consumer Access business (DSL & mobile communications), and the internationally active Business Applications business unit with the current IONOS brand for hosting and cloud service.

1&1 is part of the “Wir zusammen” initiative and supports refugees in starting their career.


1&1 starts DSL rates for business customers. Small businesses, the self-employed and freelancers can choose between different 1&1 business rates.

1&1 wins the prestigious connect Festnetztest for the first time and is the only provider to receive the grade very good.

1&1 also inaugurates its new logistics center in Montabaur. Around ten million shipments can be processed here every year


With the complete takeover of leading fiber-optic provider Versatel by United Internet AG, 1&1 gains direct access to one of Germany's largest fiber-optic networks. Versatel becomes 1&1 Versatel shortly afterwards.


1&1 celebrates 25th anniversary!

1&1 agrees to cooperate with E-Plus Group (now Telefónica Deutschland) on mobile services. Through a so-called MVNO agreement, 1&1 gains access to Telefónica network capacities and can use them for its own services and applications.


United Internet AG, which also includes 1&1, acquires a strategic stake of 25.1 percent in the fiber-optic provider and telecommunications specialist for corporate customers - Versatel.


With the launch of the 1&1 Principle, 1&1 offers it's customers clear performance promises and continues its quality drive in DSL and mobile communications


1&1 and Vodafone sign Germany's first MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) contract. This enables 1&1 to offer its own mobile Internet rates based on the Vodafone network.

The 1&1 mobile offering with the innovative All-Net-Flat for calls to the German fixed network, SMS and mobile Internet is launched.


1&1 takes over the DSL business of freenet AG and migrates around 700,000 former freenet DSL contracts.

Marcell D'Avis becomes the face of the 1&1 quality offensive as Head of Customer Satisfaction. At this point, he has already been working at 1&1 for 16 years and is responsible for 1&1 service quality.


At CeBIT 2008, 1&1 presents the 1&1 MediaCenter, laying the foundation for today's portfolio of attractive value-added applications. For the first time, online content can be combined with the customer's own content in their own living room - and at a price suitable for the mass market.

1&1 and Deutsche Telekom sign a cooperation agreement for high-speed VDSL.


1&1 offers complete DSL packages for surfing and telephony without a Deutsche Telekom connection for the first time.


Ralph Dommermuth establishes the "United Internet for UNICEF" foundation. Together with its customers, 1&1 has since been actively committed to the goals of UNICEF - the United Nations Children's Fund.


1&1 launches the first flat rate for DSL telephony in Germany. Over the course of the year, similar rates are introduced by all German DSL providers. This year sees the breakthrough of DSL telephony. This is also reflected in the number of 1&1 contracts: While half a million DSL telephony numbers were activated in August 2005, this figure had already risen to more than one million by December.

2000 - 2004

1&1 enters the German DSL market. Four years later, 1&1 announces its entry into DSL telephony via Voice over IP at CeBIT 2004.


The listed 1&1 AG & CO. KGaA changes its name to United Internet AG in 2000 and, as a holding company, forms the umbrella for 17 independent associated companies. Internet connections will continue to be offered via the already established brand 1&1.


The first 1&1 high-performance data center goes into operation in Karlsruhe.


In March 1998, 1&1 became the first Internet company to go public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


The blue 1&1 cube becomes 1&1's distinctive brand image.


1&1 launches its own Internet access service, competing with T-Online and other internet providers for the first time.


In cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, 1&1 positions T-Online (then still BTX) as a universal and modern online service. As of November 1992 Millions of PC users have their first online experience with 1&1 and T-Online becomes the largest online service in Europe.

1989 - 1990

1&1 markets teletext and ISDN connections

As it continues to develop its marketing services, 1&1's customers now include the German Federal Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Via teletext or ISDN connection, the PC becomes a universal terminal device for electronic communication. 1&1 also works for leading ICT companies such as IBM, Apple and Microsoft.


Ralph Dommermuth lays the foundation for today's 1&1 AG by founding 1&1 EDV-Marketing GmbH in Montabaur. In its early days, the company offers systematized marketing services to IT companies and software developers.