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Header image "Open RAN funding in Germany"

With the exception of 1&1, all network operators in Germany use millions of euros in federal funding for Open RAN rollouts.

Header image "1&1 accelerates acquisition of antenna sites"

New rollout plan for 2023: 1,207 antenna sites expected to be made available by the end of the year.

Header "Rakuten O-RAN: umlaut benchmark 2022"

Only two years after launching its network, Rakuten's Open RAN is outperforming many long-established networks.

Header image "1&1 O-RAN: The modern target architecture"

Interoperability, central intelligence and large number of data centers promise more modern network for Germany.

Header image "G7 Summit Hiroshima"

G7 leaders want more supplier diversification in the telecoms industry. The Open RAN standard could play a significant role in making this a reality.

Header image "1&1 is building Europe's most advanced 5G network"

Deutsche Telekom’s attempt to prohibit the marketing of the first 5G product on the 1&1 network proves unsuccessful.

Header image "Paradise Mobile to launch the first Open RAN in Bermuda"

Paradise Mobile aims to deploy the world's fastest open RAN network in Bermuda in 2023 in cooperation with Mavenir.

Header image "National roaming: A necessity for market entry"

1&1 also follows the international practice of using national roaming to ensure nationwide network coverage during market entry.

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Cisco and Rakuten are expanding their collaboration in the field of Open RAN, with plans to offer technological solutions to other companies.

Header image "Telekom plans its own commercial Open RAN"

Deutsche Telekom plans to offer its customers in Neubrandenburg the first Open RAN services in 2023.

[Translate to English:] Headerbild "MWC Barcelona: O-RAN Alliance"

The O-RAN Alliance showcased the latest developments in Open RAN at the largest mobile communications trade fair.

Header image "1&1 files antitrust complaint"

“1&1 is doing everything in its power to build its new 5G network as quickly as possible,” wrote in response to hearing about the complaint.

Header image "Telekom publishes white paper on its own Open RAN experiences"

In a white paper, Telekom presents the experiences and lessons learned to date from the “O-RAN Town” project in Neubrandenburg, Germany.

Header image "Beamforming"

With beamforming, 1&1 O-RAN is able to ensure optimal network coverage for its gigabit wireless services.

Header image "Open RAN: Universal Spectrum Multiplier"

U.S.-based Mavenir is using a new software application from Cohere for its RAN Intelligent Controller.