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O-RAN International

Header image "G7 Summit Hiroshima"

G7 leaders want more supplier diversification in the telecoms industry. The Open RAN standard could play a significant role in making this a reality.

Header image "Paradise Mobile to launch the first Open RAN in Bermuda"

Paradise Mobile aims to deploy the world's fastest open RAN network in Bermuda in 2023 in cooperation with Mavenir.

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Cisco and Rakuten are expanding their collaboration in the field of Open RAN, with plans to offer technological solutions to other companies.

[Translate to English:] Headerbild "MWC Barcelona: O-RAN Alliance"

The O-RAN Alliance showcased the latest developments in Open RAN at the largest mobile communications trade fair.

Header image "Open RAN: Universal Spectrum Multiplier"

U.S.-based Mavenir is using a new software application from Cohere for its RAN Intelligent Controller.

Header image "APAC telecom providers invest"

Telecom companies across Asia and the Pacific are investing $1 billion in telco clouds, an important technology for 5G and Open RAN.

Header image "Rakuten's Open RAN Network"

The Open RAN network in Japan is ahead of schedule, already providing coverage to 98% of Japan’s population.

Header image "TIP successfully tests Open RAN"

Telecom Infra Project (TIP) test provides insights to optimize orchestration in Open RAN.

Header image "Smart successfully tests Open RAN in Philippines"

In Manila, Smart Communications Inc. successfully conducted its first Open RAN test project.

Header image "U.S. considers providing $1.5 billion for Open RAN"

U.S. network operator calls for using planned Open RAN funding to improve security and system integration.

Header image "Celero 5G+"

Improved performance and optimized connectivity – the second generation of Celero 5G helps to move dish’s Open RAN forward.

Header image "CTOne: New 5G network security company"

To protect private 5G networks against cyberattacks, Japanese cybersecurity company Trend Micro has set up subsidiary CTOne.

Header image "Great Britain pursues alternatives to HUAWEI"

Two Japanese partners will join forces with British companies and institutions to build and develop local Open-RAN structures.

Header "Rakuten O-RAN Customer Experience Center"

Rakuten continues to expand its Open RAN in Japan and is building a Customer Experience Center in 2023.

Header image "dish API – Developer Hub"

To facilitate the development of new Open RAN applications, dish network has created an API for developers.

[Translate to English:] Headerbild "Neue Open RAN Spezifikationen"

O-RAN Alliance formulated for Open-RAN Technology. Security comes into focus in the new specs.

Header "DISH: O-RAN success in the U.S."

dish has made its Open-RAN Smart 5G network available in over 120 cities in the US. In 2023, their wireless service will expand to include even more cities.

Teaser image “DISH partners with Samsung for DISH Wireless”

dish is the Open-RAN pioneer in the USA. The network operator is relying on antenna technology and software from Samsung for the roll-out of “SMART 5G”.

Header "Rakuten O-RAN: umlaut benchmark 2022"

Only two years after launching its network, Rakuten's Open RAN is outperforming many long-established networks.