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Open RAN is the basis for a diverse partner network

1&1 works together with international and national experts in network infrastructure. The 1&1 O-RAN network is efficient, environmentally friendly and leading-edge. The open network architecture enables 1&1 to work flexibly with the best manufacturers on the market - securely and without dependencies on dominant network equipment suppliers.

Partner for antenna technology

Standardized interfaces enable us to engage different antenna technology manufacturers and experts.

Hardware partner

By using off-the-shelf hardware, 1&1 can choose from a broad selection of server and network vendors and flexibly deploy the best technology for each use case.

Software partner

1&1 will implement the network functions using modular components from specialized software providers on open-source Linux operating systems.

Technology partner

Through knowledge exchange with the Open RAN pioneer Rakuten, 1&1 was able to shorten the design phase of its networks and benefit from the experience in building and operating the world's first Open RAN in Japan.

Expansion partners

Partner for tower infrastructure

1&1 cooperates with two of Germany's largest and the world's leading owners of mobile network sites: ATC Germany and Vantage Towers. 1&1 uses existing antenna masts whenever possible and builds as few new radio masts as possible. Where it is not possible to share existing sites, new sites are built for 1&1 by GfTD, the leading service provider on the German market. In addition, the renowned service provider Eubanet takes on the acquisition of additional sites.

Partner for access networks

1&1 Versatel has one of the largest and most powerful fiber-optic networks in Germany (around 52,000 km). All 1&1 O-RAN antennas are connected directly to 1&1 Versatel's fiber-optic network. The company also implements the locations of more than 500 regional data centers.

Partner for Field Service

Media Broadcast is the largest service provider of the broadcasting and media industry in Germany and is responsible for the maintenance and disruption recovery of 1&1 O-RAN's active system technology.