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Over 500 data centers and 12,600 antenna sites are being built

In the cloud-native 1&1 O-RAN, more than 500 decentralized data centers are being built across Germany. The short distances are connected by fiber-optic cable to antenna sites. 1&1 will use around 12,600 antenna sites in more than 390 German cities, which will cover 50 percent of households.

The first data centers and antennas are already in operation. Together with our rollout partners, we are deploying 1&1 O-RAN at full speed. Our goal is to cover 50 percent of German households before the end of 2030.

Having successfully launched our network in December 2022 with the first “1&1 5G at home” service, we will introduce mobile services in fall 2023. From then on, Telefónica's national roaming will be available in areas where we do not yet have our own antenna sites.

Michael Martin, CEO der 1&1 Mobilfunk GmbH 

Efficient network expansion

Environmentally friendly and resource-saving rollout

Existing antenna sites are mainly being used for the rollout of 1&1 O-RAN, with as few new towers as possible being built. This helps to protect the environment and resources as well as increase the rollout speed of the network.

Dense data center infrastructure and fiber-optic connectivity

A dense network of 1&1 data centers is being created across Germany. This includes four central data centers for the core network, 24 edge data centers and over 500 regional far edge data centers. All 1&1 antennas are gigabit antennas and are directly connected to fiber-optic cables. The distance between the antennas and the corresponding regional data centers does not exceed 10 kilometers. Applications benefit greatly from such short transmission distances.

Nationwide reception during the rollout phase

Customers are automatically serviced by the Telefónica Deutschland network wherever 1&1 O-RAN is not yet available. A national roaming agreement was finalized in May 2021. This enables 1&1 to offer its customers nationwide reception during the rollout phase of the network.

First service successfully launched

The first 1&1 O-RAN service has already been launched. Following the convincing results of the Friendly User Test, which has been running since August 2022, the “1&1 5G at home” —  service started on schedule in December 2022. This service provides an alternative to conventional DSL, cable internet and fiber-optic connections at home. This was the first time, worldwide, that a purely cloud-based Open RAN had gone live with 4G and 5G wireless technology. In fall 2023, the migration of current 1&1 customers will begin, and mobile services will be made available.


Range of frequencies

In the 5G spectrum auction, 1&1 purchased a total of 70 MHz of spectrum worth 1.07 billion euros. Not only did this lay the foundation for the construction of Europe's first Open RAN mobile network, but 1&1 also made clear that it's prepared to invest significantly in Germany's digital infrastructure in the next years.