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1&1 meets the highest security standards

Making mobile communications secure and reliable is a top priority for 1&1. That’s why the 1&1 O-RAN meets the highest security standards. As Germany's only network operator, 1&1 has avoided working with controversial manufacturers, such as companies from China, right from the start.

Together with our equipment suppliers, we have carried out detailed risk analyses and introduced an ISO27001-certified security management system. We have implemented this system in our private cloud, which is stored in over 500 data centers. The standardization that is central to Open RAN technology comes with the distinct advantage of vendor independence. After all, “open” does not mean open to everyone, but rather, precisely defined interfaces that allow for a high degree of interoperability. This is how we ensure that 1&1’s O-RAN network is built with the best and most secure technology.

Klaus Zumdick, Chief Security Officer,1&1 Mobilfunk GmbH

1&1 O-RAN meets BSI security recommendations

In November 2021, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) published a detailed risk analysis of the security of Open RAN.

The study addressed possible security risks associated with the O-RAN implementation of a 3GPP RAN as outlined by the O-RAN Alliance.

From the outset, 1&1 has complied with all aspects of the BSI's security recommendations and continues to communicate with the authority on a regular basis.

Responsible partnerships

Unlike proprietary mobile networks, which are often tied to a single network equipment provider, the 1&1 O-RAN is grounded in a diverse ecosystem. Clearly defined interfaces have made it possible for 1&1 to rely on a diverse range of specialists as well as forego establishing business relationships with telecommunications equipment suppliers that pose security risks, for example, suppliers from China. 

Member of the international O-RAN Alliance

The international O-RAN Alliance does important work in defining secure O-RAN standards and standards for the development of open software. They also provide valuable support to alliance members as they test and deploy O-RAN technology.

The goal of the alliance is to transform the industry by making mobile networks intelligent, open, virtualized and fully interoperable. Its members include Germany's major network operators as well as leading equipment suppliers and research institutions.

Expert committees within the alliance conduct in-depth analysis on security relating to Open RAN networks, providing suggestions and solutions for how it can be enhanced. As a member of the O-RAN alliance, 1&1 has full access to the results and reports of these studies.